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Apprenticeship Program

MSMU (Mechanical Systems Mini University)

MSMU believes that successful training is an investment in your future! 

Our training platform specializes in HVAC/Sheet Metal and Piping/Plumbing system installation, repairs, and maintenance. MSMU is an accredited State of Ohio Apprenticeship Program, utilizing the NCCER curriculum. 

As a student, you will spend time learning the theory, blueprint reading, and practical application of your specified trade - the “head” skills that make the “hand” skills possible. 

These courses are developed by construction professionals with industry expertise ensuring that you learn the latest techniques, technology, and industry code compliance.

MSMU Apprentices will partake in hands-on training on actual jobs sites while attending class once every other week. Apprentices will also participate in on-job training hours through their sponsor.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get paid for going to class and working at the job site?

Yes, most sponsors offer full time pay while attending in the classroom training!

Are overtime hours available?

Yes, sponsors frequently have overtime available to their employees. If you are interested in working overtime, let your Superintendent know.

Do you have to work weekends?

Some sponsors' projects might work weekends; however, it is rare that 1st and 2nd year apprentices work weekends. If you are interested in working weekends, please let your Superintendent know.

When is class?

Classroom hours are one day (8 hours) every other week. The day of the week you attend class is determined by the level of apprenticeship.

Where is class held?

Classes are held at MSMU 4401 Springfield Street, Suite 300, Dayton, OH 45431.

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